Content Marketing: Communicate with your Audience in the Language they Understand.

Selling has Become Easy: Step 1 Have A Product, Step 2 Sell them Online

This is commonly said by people who do not understand the IMPORTANCE of Communication. To sell Digitally, You must Execute the following:

First: Create Content that triggers the Curiosity of your Audience. 

This ensures your brand becomes memorable

Second: Advertise online, platforms where they frequently visit.

Thirdly: Remember data is power, so use the data you gathered in preparing your content re-target.

The Key to Communication is Understanding.

Lastly: Maintain Consistency with your Audience. 

It’s clear, that words trigger actions and as experts, we know that content is the driving force for successful marketing.

In order to do this, we must create a persona surrounding your target audience, much attention put into knowing topics that matter to them, their buying triggers and features to promote brand attraction.

After this is achieved we begin to create promotional content in order to boost your online credibility and allow your audience to become acquainted with your brand.

Paid Search Marketing:  We Plan Campaigns for Your Audience, Not for Online Channels

Paid Search: 

Believe us when we say, your CUSTOMERS have changed their search Behavior, they are now focused on finding the best, which is now decided by customer reviews and best price reviews.

At ESS Digital we are tasked with identifying customers behaviour and intent. 

This is achieved by using crowdsourcing information and first-party data.

After the latter has been achieved

We take advantage of the advancement and power of machine learning our search partners offer to apply strategies in identifying the best times to partake in search auction. 

In short, we identify the KEYWORDS your customers frequently use in order for your brand is seen.

Paid Social:  

With new platforms for social media networking being launched daily, it’s important for your brand to be seen across all the relevant social media networks in order to stay relevant and gain the right visibility. 

To position your brand to continue to put out the right content we provide your brand with a pool of content that drives visibility in order to promote sales that are tailed to your business objectives and with our access to 1st party data and customer analysis, we will provide ongoing paid social campaigns, targeting, remarketing, messaging, creative works, and copywriting, lead generation across leading social media networking platforms Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Youtube, & Snapchat.

Paid Media:

Research shows that 360 marketing is the most efficient way to create and maintain top of the mind awareness.

To drive brand visibility, audience engagement and increased sales conversion through various advertising platforms. 

Statistics show that significant results can be achieved when out-of-home advertising and online advertisement is combined to create a 360-degree effect. The attention span of user continues to decrease, so to be remembered you must be literally in their faces.

This creates an atmosphere for our clients to be seen everywhere their audience visits, 24 hours daily. 

We use Billboards, BRTs, Guerilla marketing, Television, Radio, etc to amplify our already robust online marketing campaigns.

Out of Home Advertising and Online Advertising continue to drive results that can not be ignored, leaving our clients happy.

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